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[†]Video flicks on from breast-pocket level, focusing upon a weaving white-gloved hand and feathered quill-pen dancing Gregorian calligraphy across ancient parchment paper. The man who writes diligently while humming the melody of The Crusader's Hymn: Fairest Lord Jesus, pauses in his penned thoughts every so often to look back, keeping vigil over the man he's leading through this foreign territory.[†]


[†]A sudden wind kicks up, fluttering the manuscript from the book he was bracing it upon, and out of his grasp.[†]

Aye! Wait ae tic!

[†]Chasing after the sailing parchment it stops at the foot of the apartment buildings he had been searching for via the LP's GPS. Kneeling to pick the paper up, he glances to the number on the door. H:14.[†]

O'hooh, thes is th' one... bit it lochs occupied.

[†]Glancing through the front window he notes it looks too well finished not to be owned by someone. Yet this was the right door to the key he was given, given that as he pushed it into the lock, it turned without qualm. Creaking the door open, with several knocks, he peers in with caution.[†]

Awrite thaur! Anyone alife here?

((ooc: Today I find myself beneath such new heavens and new earth. Uncertainty and instability rule as it's only order, yet it does not rule I or my brother, for He which rules us hails lofty above. The souls that reside here call this Godless land "Salkia", a name that is as foreign to we, as we are to it. I have no doubt there is method behind our descent into this land, for He works in ways mysterious to us. My only qualms are for my brothers left behind to that Hell on earth, Midian. With myself and their director here, who are to guide them? I can only pray that they find safe deliverance out of our enemies' hand. With faith, the abominations there should be of no match to their might. Fortune doth smile upon them, yet woe to this new earth, for the great peril I wished them not to face has been brought down to this place. With zeal I faced him and endured his wrath, yet faltered to deter when a civilian, a youth, crossed our path. Nay, on that night I left the gallows of Midian, I swore unto my soul that nary a innocent would fall to our quarrel. Even now he roves about. Lo and behold, terror will come on the earth and the sea, for the Devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing that he has little time. Amen, Fr. Alexander Anderson.

Edward-muuuun.. meet your new big hairy mom! 8D))
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