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This is my first time attempting the Manga version of Alexander Anderson in a large-scale game. I'm constantly looking to improve upon his mannerisms and keep his voice in tact. If you have any advice to give, questions, comments, flames, whatever, so long as I can learn from my mistakes and get better I'm willing to listen to anything. If you're looking to plot as well I'm open to any kind of suggestion, I've seen and heard a lot of cracked-out ideals so I'm ready and willing to work something out with you so long as things stay IC. :3

Feel free to contact me at any time, I'm always available at these handles:


Home LJ: [livejournal.com profile] estranger
AIM: Saint Angel Dust
E-Mail: seraphim_sephiroth [at] hotmail [dot] com


Mun Info:

Name: Seraphim
Age: 23
Are you a pre-existing member: No.
Have you ever rp'd in a comm before: Yes.
Just out of curiosity, how did you hear of us: From Alucard-mun.
Screen Name we can contact you at: SaintAngelDust
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Character Info:

Fandom: Hellsing (Manga)
Name: Alexander Anderson
Age: Between 60 to 100 years old.

Physical Description of Character: Anderson is a looming monolith of piety and zeal. At just past 7’, he dwarfs the common man with a solid form of strong shoulders and a sinewy physique. Topped with a crown of gold ‘thorns’ that sweep back as his cropped hair, his face is sharp as it is square—with a sturdy jaw-line lined with stubble, and an imposing wedge-shaped scar upon his left cheek. Behind circular silver lenses is a pair of deep viridian green eyes that cast judgment upon whomever they lay. Clad always in the vestments of the Iscariot Organization, Anderson wears a long gray cassock and a black clerical collared suit beneath, all adorned by a large silver cross that hangs down to his waist. Finally, upon his hands are white gloves with scriptured insignia: Jesus Christ is in Heaven Now, and Speak with the Dead.

Point in Canon: Manga Book 6: Chapter 6: Gun bullet: Where Anderson shows his respect for Integra by walking her home through the bowels of Midian.

Personality: Anderson by casual nature is calm and inspirationally spoken, with a deep Scottish brogue. He holds a great air of spiritual knowledge and an affinity and empathy for young children whom he sees as none other than God’s miracles. As the head of an orphanage just outside Rome, he is a great and willing service to such needy ones who cry out to be fed and loved. He answers them with the compassionate and patient words of Christ and acts as their mentor, teacher, and friend.

On the battlefield, however, his mask of peacefulness cracks with a maddening grin and an excited hiss. The thrill of war, against the creatures and heathens who oppose his beloved God, drives him with an insatiable obsession that dares not to be stopped. It is an obsession to slaughter and butcher all heretics without distinction. Seemingly uncontrollable when facing down the demonic undead, Anderson, however, can steady himself and display his fine tact and precision with a blade and all other manners of preternatural extermination.

His devotion and fealty to his God and the Section XIII with which he carries out his Divine Punishment, knows no bounds or obstacles. As a devout and pontifical man, by any means he will accomplish his goals and orders, so long as they are ordained by His Holiness of the Vatican. Any whom so much as turn their eyes from God, spurn a wrath within him that cannot be quelled, even by order of his leader and brethren Enrico Maxwell. He, however, can find himself easily deterred from and critical of his motion to slay what abominations flail before him, if the situation poses a threat to the Vatican’s public demeanor. Never will he act in a way that might bring shame upon the Vatican that had given him such great purpose.

History of the Character: Anderson’s past is a mystery locked in an enigma and sealed with a cryptogram. His age, birthplace, and ethnicity are classified as “unknown”.

Given this lack of information we meet Anderson for the first time within the safe and cheerful walls of the St. Ferdinand's Orphanage, just outside Rome. He’s first seen reprimanding two young boys who are fighting amongst eachother. To which he promptly tells them, that never should you fight against your brother, for it is heathens and monsters one should be raising their fist to. Seeing the children off he’s approached by the second in command of the Vatican’s Special Section XIII, Father Ronaldo. There he is informed of the newly developed vampire infestation in England. Pleased by this, Anderson asks, why should they care if Protestant England is being under siege? He is then told that it is not just England, but Northern Ireland as well, a section of the country they believed to be solely Catholic territory. Spurned that Hellsing was deploying their agents to eradicate the problem, Anderson is ordered to dispose of the vampire situation before Hellsing gets a chance to.

In Northern Ireland, Anderson for the first time meets his eternal foe, Alucard, and after ridding the place of the weakling vampire, does battle with him to find him an incredible force against which he has not yet the means to dispose of him. Retreating with a promise to kill Alucard and all of Hellsing, Anderson is not seen again till Bureau Director of Section XIII Enrico Maxwell asks for a meeting with Hellsing’s Integra Hellsing. He’s called out once Alucard shows up with a threat to Enrico’s life for calling his Master as sow, in an attempt to keep the scales of power balanced. Anderson, however, loses all control upon seeing Alucard and instantly engages him to kill him; however their eagerness to do battle is thwarted when Seras Victoria distracts them with a mob of Japanese tourists. Reminding them both that they’re in public and a museum was no place to fight.

Returning to Rome, Anderson is seen once again much later when Alucard is dispatched to Rio De Janeiro to deal with the rise of the Third Reich there. Anderson watches the news with contempt as Alucard slaughters humans without remorse, only commenting on how he was playing right into Millennium’s hands with, “dance, freaks, dance.” With Alucard, Seras, and Pip stranded in Rio, Anderson is ordered to send them a message that the Vatican has sent a jet for them to return to England to meet with the Queen. Anderson and Alucard exchange long awaited fists with eachother, but find their direct orders to return to England to be another detour in their craved battle.

When England becomes engulfed in flames and Millennium’s undead army, Anderson and his Iscariots are ordered to keep observation of the situation, but not to engage with the enemy. Anderson defies this order when he finds Integra Hellsing in danger and saves her from being mauled by the vampire Nazis. Stating how he opposes Maxwell’s tactics, and how they’re sure to bring unwanted attention to them, he shows his respect for Integra’s valiant efforts against the midians in England and offers to see her home back to her manor safely.

Magical Powers/Skills: As an enhanced human, given ‘divine gifts of god’. Anderson displays: Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Agility; Regeneration and Enhanced Durability. An Expert Fighter, with nearly a century of experience and Knowledge of Fighting Supernatural Creatures, he wields Blessed Weaponry, Holy Barriers, and Teleports through the use of the blessed pages of his bible. Last by not least, is his trump card, given to him by Section III Matthew: the Nail of Helena, which has the power to turn him into a literal Monster of God.

Weapons: Blessed Bayonets.

Writing samples:

Personal LJ Sample:

So frae Midian tae sandy beaches Ah fin' m’self. Whit black magick is thes? Some kin' ay illusion ur my ain delusion? Nay, God sent me oan thes mission an' Ah will follaw it ben, ben whatever beguilin' reverie thes Hell tries tae mask afair mine eyes!

Nay! Ah will nae fall tae yer tricks Nazi abominations! Even tae thes day th' veil is upon their hearts! Nevertheless when a body shaa turn tae th' Lord, th' veil shaa be taken away! Noo th' Lord is 'at Spirit: an' whaur th' spirit ay th' Lord is, thaur is liberty.


Third-Person Sample:

"Can you believe this!?"

With all his piety, Anderson oft wondered with such a pitiful spirit if Maxwell believed anything at all anymore.

"The absolute, outright defiance of my orders! It's like talking to the deaf! Does anyone listen to me? Is all my hard work I put into this sect in vanity?!"

And the loyal paladin oft believed the latter part of those words personally. All Anderson’s faith had been put into this boy since the time of his youth. He raised him in a way that he believed if he gave him every ounce of himself that perhaps his great heart could change the child’s petty foolish ways. Alexander mollycoddled Enrico, stood by him in his times of need, which were always, he remembered vaguely. Lately he had become nothing more than a brick wall at which Maxwell could spout his diatribes.

"What with that stunt pulled by Heinkel with that incubus, if he had caused anymore of a scene, the public would be in an outrage! The damage costs alone… Does he think I'm made of money!?"

Again Anderson would oft stand by, biting his tongue and whispering prayers to the Lord to forgive Maxwell for denouncing his spiritual brothers. It was all starting to look like fruitless excuses, and Anderson asked for forgiveness for that too.

"And don't get me started on Yumie, she follows his rogue example just as well. Because of them Chapter IX is attempting to get us dissolved. Did you hear that!? dissolved, Anderson!"

Snapping to attention at the call of his name, Anderson realized Maxwell was still going on, grating on his nerves, and picking them apart one by one. Begrudgingly the paladin nodded with a deft smile, saying his peace at last.

"They have nay the pow'r tae. The ends be wit the Lord cherishes most, nae the means to which his will be done."

"That's no excuse! We are a unit, and when I say I want things clean and precise, it had better be double that! That's how it should be. That's how it will be! None shall take the reigns from me!"

Anderson watched as his leader’s fist slammed on the nightstand within his chambers, only to realize he had only struck it down because of the tremors running through him. Maxwell was shaking with such force Anderson thought he would break.

And through all that, all he wished to do was to hold the ties that bound them tighter so that wouldn't be.

"Enrico." He began to interject, yet the director just kept on his tirade. His rants were endless at times, but the vehemence behind them was wearing Anderson’s sense of sanity thin. Through all Maxwell’s doubts and denunciations, his bitterness and outcries for attention he already had--The one person, who was always standing by as his brick wall of reason, was ungratefully ignored.

Anderson never understood it, and in his confusion, his own bitterness was starting to rupture his precious sense of passiveness that was always so few and far between these days.

"Why am I even saying this to you for? You encourage them!"

Anderson felt a slight twinge under his eye at that.

"Allow them to get away with whatever they please; you've been doing it since we were children."

And another twinge.

"Always covering up their mishaps no matter at who's expense!"

And another, as he recalled that he had been covering up for Maxwell's indecent tongue for years. Anderson protected him from whatever assails came his leader’s way.

"Thae were nay an exception."

Anderson cut in with as much sternness as he could muster. It was strange, as ultimately powerful as he was; biting back at his precious kimmer was something innate to the teacher. He didn't so much fear Maxwell, as he feared what would become of his fragile sense of self if he ever harshly corrected him. But Anderson was wearing thin, and the leer Maxwell sent him stretched the fine fiber of reserve as far as it could go.

"Don't try to malign me! This just proves it further… You'll defend them till they defunct. Never I! There was never equality!"

Somewhere inside Anderson, he could hear the grating sound of that wire connecting his empathy to his aggression shrieking as it was pulled to a point of no return.

"You were never on my side!"

And the inevitable ’twang’ did not come in the sound of a snapped guitar string, but in the sound of the desk slamming against the wall as the paladin pinned the incorrigible man down on the hard surface with such a force the legs nearly broke.


Anderson roared with such an intensity it shook to his very bone, and he watched as terror unmatched plastered across Maxwell’s face in shock of it.

"Ah've given everythin ave m’self tae yeh! Wit more do yeh clamor for when Ah've already unbalanced the equality in your favor, Enrico!"

It was then that Anderson revealed that in all his turmoil raising this oblivious child that he had indeed set the scales off balance between he and the other children. Anderson had unwittingly loved him the most, despite all his bemoaning and caterwauling. And looking at him now, the priest was sure he was about to dissolve into the latter of that and convulse into tears. With eyes wide and petrified, Anderson hadn't yet become aware of what sort of beast he had just unleashed on Maxwell until he saw that look that reflected the sniveling child he was not so long ago.


Anderson relinquished, wanting to believe that what broke just then was just his own composure, and not Maxwell’s already pitiful spirit.
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